Friday, August 31, 2012

Know The Illegal Practices In Telemarketing To Avoid Being Penalized!

DISH Network, a nationally recognized satellite services provider, has recently been sued by the FTC for constantly calling consumers that have asked to be placed in their Do Not Call list. If you don’t want this to happen with your company, then make sure that you only deal with a professional telemarketing company for your cold calling campaigns.

Don’t be fooled; if you think that by outsourcing your telemarketing campaign to a third party you will be spared from any fines that that telemarketing campaign might accrue, then you’re very wrong. It’s your company’s name and services that they will be selling to your sales leads, so if they are reported for doing anything illegal, you will be included in that suit. To avoid being defamed by their illegal practices, conduct business only with professional telemarketing service providers. Here are a few questions you need to ask when outsourcing your telemarketing campaigns:

Do you do robocalls?

If your prospective telemarketing company state that they do, then turn around at once and head straight to the door, or immediately hang up the phone. One important thing you must know about telemarketing is that telemarketing robocalls are illegal, although it’s a common practice because it greatly decreases the need for actual human telemarketers and reduces operational costs. Never hire a telemarketing company who offers robocalls even if they offer the cheapest telemarketing campaign you can find.

Do you regularly update your Do Not Call lists?

Do Not Call lists are an important compliance of professional telemarketing companies. Different countries have their own do not call lists, which is why you must ask the company you’re about to hire if they have their own. If they say they don’t, then you’ll most likely have annoyed sales leads in the future, which could eventually bring you to where DISH Network finds itself now. There are telemarketing companies who say that they do have their own DNC list, but if this is not constantly updated, then it will still lead to annoyed sales leads.

Do you use spoofing tactics?

Spoofing is the practice of altering the caller ID that appears on the phone of your sales leads when a robo-caller makes a call. This is, of course, completely illegal.

What is the intro spiel used by your telemarketers?

It is important that the professional telemarketers you hire are trained to say their name and the company they represent within the first few seconds that the sales leads answer their call. Failure to do so is punishable by law. Just to be sure, you may want to give a trial business list to your prospective telemarketer filled with only dummy numbers. If they consistently fail to follow the best practices in telemarketing, then simply look for another service provider. Another way to make sure is to help create the telemarketing script to ensure that the first few seconds are dedicated to proper introduction.

All of the illegal telemarketing practices stated above are worth fines no lesser than $500, with some fines even reaching $30 million. To avoid this, be very careful with who you choose to represent your company during telemarketing campaigns.